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holderEstablished in the USA at the beginning of the 80’s Luxembourg-Pamol, Inc. became an active player in the MSMA cotton and turf markets. Today, Luxembourg supplies products for disease and weed control in field crops, vegetables, orchards, golf courses and other turf markets. We are a market leader in MSMA (Target brand) and phosphite products (ProPhyt, Vital, Vital Sign, Vitalonil and Catamaran).

Throughout the years we have built a reputation of quality products, fast response, reliability and a technically orientated supplier. We pride ourselves on our personal service and the close relations we hold with all of our customers.

Luxembourg-Pamol, Inc. is a subsidiary of Luxembourg Industries Ltd.

About Luxembourg Industries Ltd
Luxembourg Industries Ltd. is a family owned and operated company with a long history -- now in its 4th generation of family members at the helm. Luxembourg Industries is a producer of generic crop protection products and specialty chemicals with a wide range of agrochemical products including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, as well as deficiency correctors for foliar treatment. The specialty chemicals they produce are “hard to make” molecules, which were developed according to customers’ needs. These products are in use as active ingredients and intermediates in the pharmaceutical, animal health and other industries. 

Sales and Marketing
In Israel, Luxembourg Industries markets about 60 registered products through agricultural input distributors who handle direct sales to the growers. They keep in very close contact with the growers in the Israeli market through a network of skilled company field representatives. These representatives accompany the growers, manage end-row meetings, field trials, discuss crop protection issues and devise solutions.
Internationally Luxembourg Industries markets their products through their subsidiary offices in the USA, Brazil, Serbia and Argentina and represented in other countries by local companies. Information about the products and activities in each country, is available through listed subsidiary’s website.

Advanced Production Facilities
Luxembourg’s production and formulation facilities operate in a carefully controlled, computerized setting to assure high quality, high yield and to protect its workers and the environment. The products are synthesized and formulated on the basis of in-house developed processes and know-how agreements with leading international producers.

Research, Development & Registration
Product activity studies are performed in the field by agronomists, biologists, crop protection specialists and growers, and are carried out in cooperation with academic institutions. The data generated from field trials supports product registrations in the countries where we are marketing our products and provides the base for the instructions printed on our product labels.

Luxembourg Industries has it own in-house Chemistry R&D team that works at laboratories and a pilot facility located at the production sites. They maintain close professional connections with academic institutions and with the distinguished research community. Luxembourg’s registration team works to maintain and expand registrations of its products in the countries where it is active and works closely with the registration authorities. 

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