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Quality products for disease and weed control in field crops, vegetables, tree nuts, orchards, golf courses, sod farms and other turf markets.

About Us

Luxembourg-Pamol, Inc. was established in the U.S. about four decades ago. The company is an active player in the MSMA cotton and turf markets along with providing phosphite fungicide chemistry in the field crop, vegetable, tree nut, orchard, and specialty markets. Other products offerings include tebuconazole fungicide for the field crop market along with a unique sprayable fly control product for use in greenhouse and animal operations. In addition to providing our own labelled products to the U.S. market, Luxembourg also partners with certain basic supplier and distribution groups to provide unique phosphite mixtures under supplemental/private label status.

Our reputation is built upon development and production of high-quality products combined with reliable customer service and quick market response. We pride ourselves on our personal service and close customer relationships. Luxembourg-Pamol, Inc. is a subsidiary of Luxembourg Industries, Ltd.

Luxembourg Industries Ltd.

Luxembourg Industries develops, produces, registers and markets certain chemical and biological products for plant protection ( from diseases, weeds and pests ) in the agriculture market around the globe. In addition, we produce specialty chemicals for various uses including active ingredients for veterinary products, ant control, and for research and bulk manufacturing in electron microscopy.

International Activities

Luxembourg Industries exports its products to customers in Europe, South America and the USA. Among our customers and business partners are major importers and distributors, as well as international agro-chemical manufacturers. We operate subsidiary companies in the USA and in Brazil.



Luxembourg Industries operates two production plants in Israel that manufacture, formulate and package products for the agriculture and specialty markets. These plants provide products for the Israeli market in addition to markets around the globe. Luxembourg also imports some plant protection products from certain international companies for development and sales in the Israeli market. In the Israeli market, Luxembourg supplies its products to various Israeli distributors of agricultural inputs. These products are delivered to our clients from our warehouse location and formulation plants.

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Luxembourg has an expert team of agronomists that provide growers/farmers with guidance and solutions for their crop protection needs plus opportunity for better yields with its wide range of products. This team conducts field trials to monitor product efficacy and provide reliable evidence of product performance.

Luxembourg's agronomists are constantly at work developing new patented products (products that are based on innovative new active ingredients) while finding new uses for older or existing ones. Luxembourg takes responsibility for all its product registration, approvals and inclusion from relevant state authorities.